70th UO Anniversary Plate to Computerization and Communications Leader

Submitted by Daylenis Blanco on Wednesday 25 de October 2017 - 09:9 am

José Cuza Freyre, MA, leader of the project that promotes the technological infrastructure for computerization and communications as part of the VLIR-IUC program in Santiago de Cuba, received the commemorative plate for the Universidad de Oriente 70th Anniversary, in the context of celebrations of this commemoration.
Cuza Freyre has been in charge of TP1 since 2012, the main objective of which is to improve the network infrastructure and the server farm as well as to provide other services. From his point of view, "the VLIR program came at a very important moment for the Universidad de Oriente, because we were in a very poor condition in terms of equipment and infrastructure. We were maintaining a farm of servers thanks to an earlier project we had won in 2000, the VLIR support has been therefore fundamental ".
Those who know him know that he is not only the most experienced of the project leaders, also the most wisecracker and joyful, perhaps that is why he is always devotes his constant attention to young people. "It is important the engagement of them, that they are formed like doctors in subjects of applied computer science, we are working on that at the moment".
The MSc. José Cuza received this distinction in the context of the activities for the 70th anniversary of the UO, along with more than 50 personalities of culture and the most diverse academic areas gathered at the Hall of the City, emblematic site of the Municipal Government of Santiago de Cuba

Cuza placa 70
Photos: Daylenis Blanco. Translator: Maite Elisa Palacios Herrera