Research and Applications in Biomedical Images and Signal Processing

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Flemish Project Leader: Rudi Deklerck, PhD | E-mail:


Local Project Leader: Manuel Lores Guevara, PhD | E-mail:


  • To improve the technological development of biomedical equipment and software in the eastern region of Cuba (Academic).
  • To improve the applications and impact of the “home made” medical technology in the eastern region of Cuba (Developmental).

Main Focus

  • Medical equipment and software development
  • Development of diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies

Attention Areas

  • Human resources
  • Increasing the scientific performance
  • Increasing the quality scientific degree
  • Increasing the quality of the Cuban Medical System

Expected Outcome



  • Joint research projects with universities in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
  • Teaching projects with Venezuela.
  • Joint research projects with other Cuban universities and
  • research centers (UCLV, Cuban Neurosciences Centre