Biopharmaceutical Products from Natural Sources of Eastern Cuba

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Flemish Project Leader: Paul Cos, PhD | Email:
Local Project Leader: Suyén Rodríguez Pérez, PhD | E-mail:


  • To create facilities in the scientific-academic fields to further improve research on biopharmaceutical products from natural resources, as well as to enhance professional competences at Universidad de Oriente and other institutions of the eastern region of Cuba (Overall).

Main Focus

  • Biotechnology
  • Natural and Traditional Pharmaceutical products
  • Preservation and rational use of the natural resources

Attention Areas

  • Human resources
  • Increasing the scientific performance
  • Increasing the quality scientific degree
  • Improving the quality of life by further exploring the local biodiversity

Expected Outcome



  • Joint research projects with others Universities (Italy, France, Spain, and Brazil)
  • Teaching projects with Ecuador
  • Research project: Spain (AECID & others), Brasil (CAPES, CNPq)
  • Joint research projects with other Cuban universities and research centers