Energy, Biofuel and Clean Technologies for Sustainable Development

Flemish Project Leader: Jan Yperman, PhD | E-mail:
Local Project Leader: Angel Luis Brito Sauvanell, PhD | E-mail:


  • Strengthening the researches and postgraduate programmes in energy, biofuels and cleaner technology (Academic).
  • Improvement of the implementation and use of newly developed biofuels (Developmental).

Main Focus

  • Pryrolysis of agricultural waste streams into added value products

Attention Areas

  • Human resources
  • Increasing the scientific performance
  • Increasing the quality scientific degree
  • Increasing awareness on waste sources management

Expected Outcome



  • CNPq: National Council for research- Brazil.
  • CAPES; Council for improve People from High education-Brazil.
  • CITMA: Science, technology and environment Ministry- Cuba
  • CUBASOLAR: Civil Society for the use of Renewable Energy- Cuba
  • COSUDE: Swedish organization