Intermediate Results


The actions to be undertaken to achieve the programme objectives will allow obtaining measurable results in different areas of science. The ability of the program to involve the entire community of the Universidad de Oriente, as well as other institutions in the eastern region, implies greater commitment of its coordinators to achieve the targets. Similarly, the implementation of the planned actions will involve the creation of spaces and infrastructure that are also part of the results.

Academic results indicators

  • 48 new PhD and 120 new MSc
  • 75 new papers in peer review journals
  • 10 new Intellectual Properties records
  • 100 000 peoples benefited with medical equipment and software in the Cuban Health System
  • 3 new software developed
  • 3 new biopharmaceutical products
  • 4 biomass added value products impacting in rural communities, enterprises and manufactories
  • 2 New PhD program in Biopharmaceutical products and Social sciences
  • 6 Workshops in biopharmaceutical products, biomedical equipment’s and environmental studies
  • 12 Training courses

Infrastructure results indicators

  • 1 Self Access Resource Center (SARC) for language skills
  • 3 New labs for basic sciences
  • 1 Lab for in vitro-invivo bioassay
  • 3 New lab for biomedical equipment applications
  • 1 Lab for environmental studies
  • 1 Centre of excellence of environmental Health