universidades contraparte

PROJECT N°1: Environmental scientific services for the development of a sustainable agriculture and to face the climatic change in the eastern of Cuba [P1] TRANSVERSAL PROJECT N°1: Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure [TP1]
PROJECT N°2: Research and applications in Biomedical Images and signal processing [P2] TRANSVERSAL PROJECT N°2: Strengthening of basic and natural sciences for innovation [TP2]
PROJECT N°3: Biopharmaceutical products from natural sources of Eastern Cuba [P3] TRANSVERSAL PROJECT N°3: Strengthening Foreign Languages Skills for Science and Technology [TP3]
PROJECT N°4: The Social Sciences and the Humanities Facing the Challenge of Local Development in Santiago de Cuba [P4]  
PROJECT N°5: Energy, Biofuel and Clean Technologies for sustainable development [P5]