Canada, Belgium and Cuba enhance research in nuclear magnetic resonance

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Canada, Belgium and Cuba enhance research in nuclear magnetic resonance

The opening of a new laboratory equipment for research in the field of magnetic resonance imaging was performed in the afternoon on Tuesday, the Center of Medical Biophysics (CBM) of our University. The action is the result of international collaboration with Belgium and Canada.

"We were thinking about doing this for the last four years," he told those attending the inauguration Professor Dr.C. Juan Carlos García Naranjo, acting director of CBM and coordinator of the project "Research and Applications in Biomedical Image Processing", the program is carried out with the support of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR).

Professor García Naranjo highlighted the potential of the work that can be performed from the laboratory, using research networks. In this sense, may be involved researchers from the National Center for Applied Electromagnetism and powers of Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences.

One of the pillars for achieving this result, Professor Dr.C. Bruce J. Balcom, University of New Brunswick, Canada, spoke about the history of relations between his institution and the CBM. During his presentation and the subsequent exchange with reporters, he praised the activities that have been conducted for ten years of collaboration and emphasized his admiration for the work of the Centre.

The laboratory equipment will enable various applications. In the biomedical area can be used for studying sickle cell anemia, and monitoring and treatment of small ulcers under the skin. They may also be analyzed properties of the oil, biodiesel and biofuel; while it is possible insertion into the study and improvement of industrial processes. In the presentation, Professor Balcom said that some of the scientists present at the CBM could take the lead globally in some of these areas of research.

The local coordinator of the program, Dr.C. Hipólito Carvajal Fals, highlighted the opportunity that international collaboration and joy by creating a laboratory that will lay its foundations to contribute to society, not just Cuban, but worldwide.

He expressed appreciation on behalf of the CBM program coordination at the address at the University of East and especially Professor Balcom. He referred to the words sent by the Dr.C. Hichem Sahli, Belgian coordinator, who highlighted the opportunities offered by the laboratory for bilateral relations Belgium-Canada-Cuba and Cuba, taking collaboration to a trilateral approach, "which is our greatest aspiration viable approach to sustainable research and development , to support the economic and social performance of Cuba. "

The inauguration was attended by the rector of the University of East Dra.C. Martha del Carmen Mesa Valenciano, who stressed the importance of finding to the materialization of the ideas that have emerged as part of the international collaboration

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