From the university to the set: the topicality in the pharmaceutical research.

Submitted by Daylenis Blanco on Friday 29 de September 2017 - 12:12 pm

In the context of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Universidad de Oriente, Dr. Julio César Escalona Arranz appeared in the Revista Santiago belonging to the Tele Turquino local channel, earlier this week. In the TV programme, Dr. Escalona offered considerations as for how far the specialty of Pharmacy, currently immersed in several projects of international collaboration, has advanced.

During the interview, The Head of the Pharmacy Department of the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences, referred to the origins of the major in the UO. He pointed out that, since its foundation in 1984,  around 1000 professionals have been formed, including specialists from Namibia, Kenya, Antigua and Barbuda, also Barbados, Guyana, Haiti and other countries.
Dr. Escalona also explained that research along with the scientific and technical works have been essential. His results have been exposed in numerous events and publications whereas national and international prizes have been obtained, all of which contributes to the prestige the teaching staff of the faculty.
In the interview, Escalona Arranz briefly addressed the objectives of the specialty aimed at designing, developing, producing, and controlling the quality, therapeutic effectiveness and safety of drugs, supplements, testers and cosmetics. "In addition," he said,” work is being conducted in terms of design and implementation of research in all fields of action of the pharmaceutical sciences. We collaborate with countries such as Brazil, Mexico and the Kingdom of Belgium "
With the Vlir-UO programme, we are currently working on the design, synthesis and characterization of anthraquinone derivatives with antimicrobial activity, also in the isolation and characterization of microbial strains and in the evaluation of the antioxidant activity of products obtained from edible mushrooms of Pleurotus sp. "This is one of the international projects in which we have more presence today," said Escalona.
Why is it considered one of the most difficult specialties? The interviewer asked.
"That depends on everyone's perception but I think it is a very complex specialty in the sense that it integrates knowledge regarding chemistry, human physiology, mathematics, physics and other specific areas of pharmaceutical science such as toxicology, pharmacology and others."
In this interview in the Revista Santiago, the potentials of the major were shown. Likewise, opportunities were created for other members of the programme to display results and social impact of the work they develop.

tele turquino julio césar

In the set of Tele Turquino, details of the specialty of Pharmacy, its past and current performance of students and professors in various research topics attached to P3 of the Vlir-UOS programme, were explained. Photos: Daylenis Blanco.

Translator: Lilia Sans