ICT: Tools for Cuban science

Submitted by lilia.sanz on Friday 15 de December 2017 - 11:11 am

With the aim of reviewing the process of computerization of Cuban universities, how high performance computing (HPC) is implemented for the development of science and how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) support local development, researchers from several Cuban academies and industries meet at the Universidad de Oriente, summoned to take part at the "ICT at the service of the university community" workshop.

This is the fourth academic meeting that TP1 calls for during its first implementation phase. TP1 is a transversal project of the VLIR-IUC Oriente program that has guaranteed the Technological Infrastructure for Computerization and Communications since 2013.
On its first working day, the main results achieved by this project during this 5-year term were presented. In addition, Mr. Eloy Oliveros presented details on the Computerization Program elaborated at the UO and how much the VLIR contributes to this process. "In this computerization program, the improvement of the infrastructure of the data and telephony network as well as that of the administration systems, and the reinforcement of the academic web, computerization of the university management, among other procedures, are included as main lines."

Other experts showed the HPC uses and benefits in regards to Cuban science and how this service is being introduced into the network of researchers within the country. "These new systems concentrate a great capacity of processors, which implies a high calculation capacity, with more main memory and external storage. All this allows researchers to address larger problems than what could be solved on a personal computer," explained Fernando José Artigas, PhD.

In the same way, it was presented an analysis on what the academic Web represents today and how the development of software for university management is being achieved.

Until next December 14, at the Julio Antonio Mella campus of the Universidad de Oriente, Cuban academics will discuss the processes of computerization in Cuban universities and high performance computing (HPC) for the development of science. On the other hand, large-scale and distributed information processing and ICTs as support for local development will be also lines of discussion in the framework of this workshop.

The workshop ''ICT at the service of the university community'' is sponsored by the Universidad de Oriente, Cuba and the University of Ghent, Belgium; as part and parcel of the Inter-institutional Collaboration Program developed with the support of the Flemish Inter-university Council (VLIR-UOS)

Translator: Maité Elisa Palacios Herrera


Mr. Eloy Oliveros, UO Computerization Manager, explained that the computerization program includes as main lines the improvement of the infrastructure of the data and telephony network, as well as the enhancement of the administration systems and the reinforcement of the academic web, the computerization of the university management, among other procedures.


During three days of work, researchers from several provinces of the country have debates on the computerization of university processes, and how the VLIR-UOS supports the technological infrastructure in several higher education centers in Cuba. Photos: Adán Raúl Santana.