The 1st PhD Scientific Workshop concludes in Santiago de Cuba

Submitted by lilia.sanz on Monday 27 de November 2017 - 03:3 pm

At the closing ceremony of the 1st PhD Scientific Workshop "Bringing knowledge into practice", organized by the VLIR-UOS Flemish Interuniversity Council and the Universidad de Oriente, Gisselle Rodríguez, Harold Crespo Sariol and Luis Bello Caballero were awarded for the quality of their proposals, and the English proficiency in their presentations.

The detection of non-convulsive epileptic seizures through the analysis of data from multiple pathways, also the lengthening of the useful life of activated carbon, indispensable for the Cuban rum industry and a mapping tool for the preventive conservation of sites of the eastern heritage of Cuba, specifically in Vista Alegre, were the selected topics.

The Rialto cinema, the venue for the closing ceremony, was attended by Cuban and Belgian academics, students and other researchers. Dr. Hichem Sahli, Flemish coordinator of the VLIR programme, was awarded the special teaching category of Guest Professor of the Universidad de Oriente. He tried to express his gratitude in Spanish, but his voice shook excitedly. However, someone could read what he was able to write with great affection for this occasion.

"To work and obtain good results we need to create spaces to strengthen those bonds of friendship based on mutual trust and respect. To achieve long-term results we must invest in future generations since they are responsible for transmitting the legacy of excellence and values ​​of Cuban society. This recognition as a guest professor honors me, making me feel part of this great family that is the University de Oriente, which I carry in my heart from the first day".

In the context of being awarded this category, Dr. Jean Cornellis, professor of digital processing of images, medical images, and electronics, who currently remains an active researcher in these fields, also thanked those present and expressed his willingness to continue working with Cuban specialists.

The UO also recognized the 70th Anniversary Commemorative Plate to the Flemish  Interuniversity Council, VLIR. On behalf of this organization, Mr. Peter De Lannoy received the distinction for the South area.

The closing ceremony was attended by His Excellency Mr. Patrick Van Gheel, Ambassador of Belgium in Cuba, Dr. Diana Sedal Yanes, Rector of the Universidad de Oriente and important Cuban and Belgian academics, who partook in the 1stPhD Scientific Workshop "Bringing knowledge into practice".

Translator: Lilia Sanz Gámez.


Gisselle Rodríguez was awarded the prize of her commission after an intense week of work.

ron santiago

Harold Sariol's work was distinguished because of his incursion in the reuse of activated carbon in the Cuban rum industry.


The Claustrofobias Promociones Literarias project was awarded the prize of the Technology Transfer Workshop commission, which includes it on the entrepreneurial platform of the Hasselt University.

jean cornellis

Dr. Jean Cornellis was awarded the Guest Professor category of the UO.

peter de lannoy

Mr. Peter De Lannoy received the 70th Anniversary Commemorative Plate on behalf of the VLIRUOS.

Photos: Rovier Mesa