The VLIR-UOS program’s contribution to the training of physicists in Cuba

Submitted by Daylenis Blanco on Thursday 6 de July 2017 - 03:3 pm

The Laboratory of Physical Characterization at the Universidad de Oriente is listed as an important center for the vocational training and transfer of technology to society in the region. The increase in technological conditions in recent years thanks to the program "Universidad de Oriente promotes sustainable development in the eastern region of Cuba", in which the Flemish Interuniversity Council VLIR-UOS of the Kingdom of Belgium participates as a financier, has substantially contributed in this sense.
Dr. Pedro Muné Banderas, local leader of TP2, points out that “Human resource formation is of paramount importance since there is a current significant shortfall in professionals in the area of ​​Physics in our country. This matter has been discussed by the Cuban Society of Physics recently."
"The work in this laboratory aims to stimulate vocational and professional training of high school students." According to Dr. Muné, various activities are currently being carried out with the scientific societies of the Instituto Preuniversitario Vocacional de Ciencias Exactas Antonio Maceo and the Instituto de Enseñanza Media Superior Cuqui Bosh, both located in Santiago de Cuba.

In this sense, several pieces of research focused on the strengthening of Basic Sciences in the eastern region of Cuba, have been promoted by the TP2. They tackle the transfer of technology to industry."It is about implementing the results of science in society as quickly as possible - Muné says.  “The goal is to gain efficiency and improve living conditions. The research developed jointly with ACINOX, a company that produces steel bars in the province of Las Tunas is a very important research for us. This company develops a method for evaluating the steel they produce.  To do the evaluation in the steel bar itself is a goal that has been set. "
The Vlir program continues to expand the technological support of laboratories at the Universidad de Oriente. For the development of this area, a microwave oven for synthesis and a fluorometer, are already in the UO. In addition, the arrival of two new equipments is expected before the end of the year.

estudiantes lab física

The training of young professionals is a priority of TP2, focused on strengthening Basic Sciences in the eastern region of Cuba.

Translator: Lilia Sanz Gámez.