Workshop on “System thinking in the communication on research” started

Submitted by Daylenis Blanco on Thursday 9 de November 2017 - 03:3 pm
taller pensamiento sistémico

Submitted by: Adán Raúl Santana Arias

As part of the schedule of the 1st PhD Scientific Workshop “Bringing knowledge into practice” that is being held at the Universidad de Oriente, with the sponsoring of the VLIR-IUC-UO programme, the workshop “System thinking in the communication on research” took place.

Profesor Jan Van Maele from the Catholic University of Leuven imparted such workshop aiming at guiding participants (students or PhD-to-be students) to understand and present their research results through a system standpoint.

In addition, he stated the need to implement this system approach to research no matter the field they are being conducted in, through the articulation of a systemic structure and behavior, as specific purposes.

It is also important to strengthen the impact of the oral presentation, as a common denominator in all areas of knowledge and science in the research process, and to develop techniques and strategies for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Another goal of the workshop was to add a systemic perspective to communication related to research by means of integrating matters associated to the system approach and verbal and non-verbal communication attached to it.

Van Maele was joined by professors Annemie Decavele and Lut Bayen from the Catholic University of Leuven and Adriana Moeno Cely from the Free University of Brussels (VUB) who assisted him in the group dynamics exercises.

experiencia taller sistémico

During the workshop, group dynamic exercises were used.

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The workshop promotes research activity of students PhD aspirants.

Photo: Rovier Mesa

Translator: Lilia Sanz Gámez.